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The object of the Black Curse is to collect Magical Shards and Points. To do this you must travel across a map in search of these and other items. Along the way you will encounter several enemies. But enemies are not your only challenge--you must also be wary of The Black Curse.

Starting the Game

To start the game you must be using the Micorosoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Browser or later version (The game was programmed in JavaScript and only designed for that browser). The game is still in development, and changes are probable.

You must decide on the difficulty of the game. Click on one of the buttons labeled "Easy", "Medium", "Hard" or "Expert". Be warned, "Expert" is nearly impossible.

Once you've selected a difficulty, the map will present itself and you must start by rolling your Chance Roll.

Chance Roll

roll button example

Every turn you must roll the chance roll. You will see a button in the navigation panel that says "Roll". To roll, you can click that button with your mouse, press ENTER, or press 5 on the keyboard's number pad.

The Chance Roll does several things. It first sets your movement for the turn. It also determines if you can pass through walls with your Phase Force. It also determines if you get The Black Curse.

example of chance chart

Each time you make a Chance Roll, the current value is displayed in two places. See the example above.

Determining the effect of the roll is simple. Match up the current Chance Value against the value of the Phase Force row and The Black Curse row.

A special circumstance occurs on a Chance Roll of 1 or 20. When a 1 is rolled, you automatically get The Black Curse, and your Phase Force level automatically increases by 1. On a roll of 20, your Phase Force level decreases by 1.

Phase Force

Your Phase Force is a special magical power that allows you to walk through walls. It's very useful in your quest to collect all the required Magical Shards... however, the power is not stable. Due to black magic, your Phase Force fluctuates each turn. If ever your Phase Force Level reaches 20, you will no longer be able to go through walls until that value goes below 20. Your Phase Force level starts at 10.

If your current Chance Roll is greater than your current Phase Force value (expressed with black boxes and white "X" in the example above) then you may pass through walls with impunity. If, however, your Chance Roll is less than or equal to your current Phase Force Level, you may still go through walls this turn (if your Phase Force Level is still less than 20); but going through walls on a turn when your Chance Roll is less than or equal to your Phase Force Level will put you in jeopardy--for each wall you pass through this turn, your Phase Force will increase by 1.

The Black Curse

The Black Curse is an evil spell created by the warlocks of the Evil Swarm. This spell was created to make the quest to collect Magical Shards nearly impossible. Every time you get The Black Curse the amount of Magical Shards and Points you need to win increases by a random number. Depending on the difficulty of the game, the potential increase varies.

Getting the The Black Curse is dependant on your Black Curse Level and your Chance Roll. If ever your Chance Roll is less than or equal to your Black Curse Level, you will get the Black Curse--unless, however, you still have a ring of protection.

Your Black Curse Level (indicated by the Black Curse Row in the Chance Table) increases by one whenever you move onto a space tainted with the Black Curse. The value starts at 1. The higher the value is, the more likely you will get the Black Curse on a Chance Roll.

Every turn new spaces are randomly infected with the taint of the Black Curse. You must be wary of them... as it is sometimes difficult to see the Black Curse when it infects walls. It's easier to spot other tainted spaces by the dark backgrounds that appear behind them. Some tainted spots become garbled. Also, some treasure chests are tainted.

A ring of protection will stop your Black Curse Level from increasing when you move into a tainted space.


Each turn you can move a random number of spaces. The potential distance increases as you gain levels. The maximum movement begins at 6. Your current movement is displayed at the top right of the window under "Player Stats".

navigation panel example

You can also use the Keypad on your keyboard to navigate the map. Press "8" to move up. Press "4" to move left; Press "6" to move right; Press "2" to move down.


Whenever you move onto a space occupied by an enemy, you must battle. When this occurs, the move buttons are inactive, and the roll button says "Fight". You must repeatedly hit the "Fight" button until the fight is over.

Battle is carried out until either you or the enemy runs out of energy. If the enemy dies, you gain points equal to the number of the enemy's original energy--the more powerful the enemy, the more points you get.

Future upgrades to this program will allow you to use weapons during battle.

Black Curse Icon Legend


wall Wall :
You probably know what a wall is. In case you don't, you may want to do some remedial schooling rather than play this game right now. There are peculiar properties of walls in this game, however. It is possible for your character to pass through walls using a special power called Phase Force.
origin Origin :
The origin is the place from which you start a round on a board. You begin here at the beginning of the game or after dying.
player Player :
This icon designates your character's place on the map.
money Money :
You can collect money to buy items from the Merchant The amount of money each money item contains is random.
treasure Treasure :
Treasure Chests contain all sorts of surprises, mostly good. You can collect Energy, Points, Rings of Protection, Magical Shards... and The Black Curse.
energy Energy :
Energy is essential for survival. Collect energy to increase your likelihood of survival... the amount you get for this icon is random, but increases as you gain levels. (Whenever your energy reaches 0, you die and lose a life.)
points Points :
This icon increases your points by 1-6. You must reach the designated number of points (which starts at 100) to win the game; the point limit increase when you get The Black Curse.
merchant Merchant :
The merchant will sell you items. Currently, the merchant sells Magical Shards and Rings of Protection. When you enter the merchant's shop, a merchant menu will appear below the navigation panel.
magic shard Magical Shard :
Magical Shards are the remnants of an ancient relic that sustained the land. The relic was destoryed in an epic battle between Good & Evil. Your quest is to collect enough magic shards so that the Council of Wizards can ward off the Evil Swarm. The number of Magical Shards needed increases each time you get The Black Curse.
Ring of Protection :
A magical ring of protection will protect you from getting The Black Curse or raising your black curse level. Each time a ring protects you, it is destroyed. You start with three rings, and you may carry up to 6 rings at a time. Rings can be found in Treasure Chests or bought from the Merchant.
exit Exit Portal :
This icon is currently inactive in the game. When active, it will allow you to travel to extra boards.


worm Worm :
Worms are immature dragons. They have the following stats. Energy: 7; Attack: 6.
guard Guard :
Guards are lowly members of the Evil Swarm's army. They have the following stats. Energy: 10; Attack: 8.
Centurion Centurion :
Centurions are powerful warloards in the Evil Swarm's army. They have the following stats. Energy: 15; Attack: 8.
dragon Dragon :
Dragons are extremely powerful monsters in the Evil Swarm's army. They have the following stats. Energy: 20; Attack: 8 (+1).

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